What's SAP Cloud for Banking (C4B)?

SAP Cloud for Banking is the next-generation industry business system that delivers next-generation, end-to-end industry processes across all business functions, at scale, in the cloud, in real time using leading technology innovations to equip bankers to execute on their strategic priorities.

The value comes through simplification of the user experience, architecture, and business processes that frees up resources to deliver innovation and accelerate digital transformation.

Building blocks of SAP Cloud for Banking
  • End-to-end business processes with industry best practices for customer engagement, origination and customer management, core banking operations, finance and risk, and business support management.

    • Omnichannel front office to attract, cultivate, and retain customers.

    • Core operations to deliver innovative products quickly while maintaining existing products more efficiently for all banking lines of business.

    • Network to orchestrate procurement, logistics, and delivery.

    • Workforce management for internal and external staff.

    • Back office to help ensure financial transparency of all business activities.

  • Digital boardroom for banking for integrated analytics such as product, channel, and customer profitability.

    • Answer ad hoc questions on the fly.

    • Monitor performance against critical success factors such as return on equity.

    • Analyze root causes and simulate the impact of decisions.

    • Determine the effect on key performance metrics and profitability.

  • Innovation with SAP Cloud platform to integrate and extend applications and deliver best-in-class user experiences using mobile solutions, machine learning, and block chain capabilities with the Internet of Things.

    • Access an open, comprehensive environment for developing cloud applications.

    • Create applications quickly that engage customers, business partners, and employees in new ways.

    • Respond rapidly to changing market conditions and business demands.

    • Bring together the powerful capabilities of the Internet of Things, machine learning, blockchain, Big Data, analytics, and the cloud with the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system.

    • Accelerate innovation and integration, and scale across your entire organization.

  • Modern user experience (UX) across the entire solution suite.

    • Deliver the right information at the right time with multifaceted user interfaces.

    • Get instant, relevant insight –whether using mobile apps or a desktop computer.

    • Zero in on your most important tasks, functions, and activities.

    • Deliver a personalized, responsive, and consistent user experience across the enterprise.

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