Annual Performance Evaluation 2023


You are about to begin your annual performance evaluation for 2022 - 2023.

Read the content of the competencies and behaviors to be evaluated carefully, objectively, and consciously, and assign the corresponding score. The evaluation is designed according to a scale that corresponds to a level of performance ranging from:

  • Doesn’t meet

  • Partially meets

  • Meets expectations

  • Exceeds expectations

Meaning of the evaluation scale:

Doesn’t meet: Not producing or delivering results according to expectations.

Partially meets: Meets the requirements of the job but occasionally fails to deliver on time or in the expected manner.

Meets expectations: Delivers tasks within the requested time frame, without neglecting quality. Performs well in their role and can adapt to new situations and challenges as necessary.

Exceeds expectations: Completes tasks ahead of schedule with the highest quality. Always goes the extra mile in fulfilling the requested tasks.

Please be as honest as possible when answering each question. If this is your self-evaluation, carefully reflect on each question and evaluate the actions you have taken throughout the year for each competency.

We appreciate your support in this process.

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